My two children  asked me one by one each in due time ‘ what job shall I be  doing when I grow up’……..I replied ‘ think back to a magical moment when you were most swept off your feet by happiness by something you did or make ’….because that is what you will be happiest doing.’

I experienced this incredible joy  when I was barely 8 years old,.My mother asked me if I was interested in picking out a fabric and then having my dress made as I wished by her tailor when we were still living in India…..this event stayed in my mind as the event that gave me the most joy  and marked me for life.

I went on to study Pharmacy and Biology at the University of Brtish Columbia because I excelled in sciences and I loved it. However, in my spare time I was making and designing my own clothes which both relaxed me and made me happy.

I had no idea that I would end up in Paris one day as nothing in my life pre-destined me to live in France let alone Paris ! married a very charming wonderful French man but we thought we would settle in Vancouver, Canada.   But soon after our marriage we decided to come to France so my husband could pursue his carrier in the wine trade (http://herve-kerlann.com) and I could pursue my calling in textiles as I was a little bored with my job as a Pharmacist at the Cancer Clinic of Vancouver.

I soon picked up my scissors  and one thing led to another and I founded Marquise de Laborde in 1999 with our Domaine purchased from the Hospice de Beaune as in inspiration. 

I specialized in making Luxury Custom made bed, bath and tablelinens sold to Architects and Interior Designers in New York, London and Paris.

The children’s line was launched in 2009 when I wanted to combine my love for health sciences, research and well being in wonderful garment for little people from 0 to 2 years old. All the fabrics are custom woven with by a small mill just a few hours from Beaune, France.  Care for the sensitive skin is the leading force behind this line having its roots when I was a pharmacist and worked for Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. All items must respect OEKO TEX ISO 100 standards for a better healthy future for children and for the environment. Our collection has now avaiable in sizes upto 10 years old.

The dress I designed as a child is still the leading force which drives me today. I am still that child who is marvelled by textiles and the endless creations that are possible.  I never get bored ever.

I would like to thank my husband, Hervé Kerlann for all his endless encouragement and support he has given me to help me achieve my dream.